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Grow your business so that it works, even when you’re not


Ever get tired of working all hours and carrying the feeling that you just can’t afford to let go or everything will stop? So many business owners feel this way. It doesn’t need to be like this. Commit to a business coach and you will be well on the way to building your business to the point where it sustains you, and not the other way round.


Are you ready for the kind of challenge that will change your life?


Do you feel like you could accept the help of an unreasonable friend? Someone to empathise with you but not necessarily sympathise? Someone who will keep you strong in those moments when you feel like giving up? As your coach I will walk every step of your business with you – for as long as you feel you need that support. A great coach is in it for the long term.


How much closer to your goals will you feel if you have a clear plan to reach them?


Ever feel like what you are doing is the loneliest job in the world? You need not feel like that any longer. As your coach, I will be the support that you need when you don’t know where to turn for help. I will be the one who helps bring such clarity to your dreams you feel you could reach out and touch them. I will guide you as you plan through the short term and the long so that your path to your goal is as clear as the goal itself.


You are ready to take the next step.


You are looking for the help and guidance to take you to the next stage in your business. I am looking to work with committed, ambitious and open minded people who are serious about growing their business and achieving their goals.


Work should be fun. Ever find yourself resenting the fact that your business demands all your time and effort, leaving nothing for family and friends? You won’t feel that way any longer when you experience the immediate improvements that coaching will bring; and as your life begins to transform, you will find yourself enjoying your time on the business, sure in the knowledge that it is time investment and not time cost.


Even better, what if your improvement in results was guaranteed, at no risk to you?


Make the decision today, and work with me as your coach.


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Why you need a Coach


Would you expect a top athlete to achieve success without a coach to walk with them through every step along the way? Why, then, should it be any different in business? As your coach I will help you to move from where you are now in your business and in life, to where you want to be. I'll help you to develop the short term and long term strategies that will mean that your success is guaranteed, and not just a wish. Why leave your dreams to chance?


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Who is Stephen Parr

Motivated Coach with over 25 years professional experience - Over 25 years as a teacher and 12 years as a senior leader running schools as a business.


Proven track record of success - Coaching students to consistent exam success. Coaching staff to professional success and personal/career progression.


Wide range of strategic skills - Coaching and mentoring (students and adults) for sustainable change. Implemented Coaching programme for students and adults into schools. Trained to practitioner level in Neuro Linguistic Programming for more effective communication. Strategic/financial planning for the school business model. Design, implementation and management of CPD programme (incuding training in coaching).


Creative and enterprising - Problem solving with creativity; example - the redesign of systems for teaching and learning and structural re-organisation. An agent for change, possessing the coaching skills to facilitate change creating opportunity for growth.


Team player with an abundance mindset - A passionate champion of the win:win approach to business growth, believing that business growth is faster with a positive, rigorous and generous approach to marketplace relationships.


Steve has built a career over 25 years in the education sector during the most transitional time in its history. This experience of extreme change management has allowed him to develop the leadership qualities essential to grow a business in an equally turbulent market.


With over 25 years' experience, Steve has developed poweful coaching and mentoring skills. Supported by a wealth of professional training and practice.


Steve is driven by the desire to help others reach their goals and achieve results. ActionCOACH has a culture driven by exactly the same values - to help others achieve their aims. This synergy of values is the reason why his approach to Business Coaching is so authentic.